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Nani is a professional organization focused on labour outsourcing, home cleaning, office cleaning and laundry services.

We’ve helped companies reach performance targets with quality, affordable labour since 2008. We keep living and working spaces sparkling clean for maximum productivity and relaxation.

Nani understands my needs first and foremost

I have worked with Nani for over 6 years now. In a world where truly good help is hard to find, Nani’s team understand my needs, my home’s and my personality’s before shortlisting someone. Nani also acts as a great go-between for employer and employee. They help me to put across touchy issues to my members of staff. Their support and response is amazing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nani.

Caroline Mutoko, Media Personality

What We Do

Office Cleaning

We provide both part time and daily cleaning services for office spaces, and assign teams depending on your office space and needs.

Home Cleaning

Our team ensures your house is sparkling clean with carpet cleaning, appliance cleaning, laundry and ironing.


We wash your laundry at our laundry stations at a very affordable and customer friendly price, leaving your laundry sparkling clean and pressed.

Labour Outsourcing (Domestic & Corporate)

Get the office & domestic workers you need, or load over your existing staff to Nani (available to corporates and individuals).

Focus on important tasks, Nani will handle the rest.

We take care of cleaning and tidying up so you don’t have to. Book our service or request a worker to get started.

Amazing clients have allowed us to produce work we are proud of.

“I have had the opportunity to get house managers and nannies from Nani since 2011. What I have loved most is the due diligence the company puts in identifying and making sure the wide scope of traceability and information given by the workers is reliable. I also love the training investment done by the company before they deploy their workers. I would also delightfully highlight the collabouration between clients and the company, which makes room for constant communication, feedback on how employees are faring in the work space and equally their genuine follow-up and intervention when there is concern and need to intervene. They indeed live up to ensuring the client is happy and goes about their business with ease and a level of confidence that there are professionals in place equipped to handle the much needed work that I engaged them for as a client.”

Racheal Kanoti, Business Lady

Nani has been really helpful in many ways. My house is always busy and I don’t get to do chores, but Nani has always compensated for that. Ever since I found out about Nani, I’ve never thought of having my family’s laundry be done by anyone else including myself because they are the best. My laundry comes back clean, smelling fresh having been ironed, and the best part is that it’s always on time. It’s just wonderful! Thank you so much Nani.

Edna Karuma, Administrator

Eden Environmental Association has contracted Nani for the past 6 years and it has proven to be one of the best decisions we made as a growing organization. Outsourcing human resources management, payroll, and staff recruitment has saved Eden hundreds of man hours which we have redirected into doing the work we love! Nani has supported Eden in legal and HR matters during crucial and difficult periods of time in our growth and, because of their involvement, Eden has been able to make wiser choices. The management of Nani has always been available to talk over HR issues respectfully, balancing Eden’s financial situation with a profound knowledge of and commitment to all legal processes. Nani was very versatile in how they assist a client and was willing to listen to our desires and come up with a package that worked for us. Eden would not be where they are today without Nani!

Eden Environmental Association (Non-Profit)

I’m going back to work from medical leave. I have to say that Martha from Nani was God’s gift to me during my period of convalescence. She took care of me as she would her own family member. She was a blessing to my family and friends and continues to be. I’m eternally thankful to God for Nani hiring her. She is a gem! I had issues with her cooking but after a refresher that is now a distant memory. She has picked up and is now a great cook, versatile, creative and learning very fast. I’m so happy, Nani services have really made my life smooth!

Dorothy Muroki

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Nani on the work they do regarding general cleanliness as far as the house is concerned. I am in my 3rd year engaging your services and I must admit that the attention to details, the respect and courtesy I have experienced with your house managers isn’t matched by any other company. I am grateful that Nani is definitely an answer to household matters.

Doreen Mwangi, Hotelier

I have worked with Nani services for well over 6 years now. In a world where truly good help is hard to find, Nani’s team go out of their way to understand my needs, my home’s and lately my personality’s before shortlisting someone for interviewing or placement. Nani also acts as a great go-between for employer and employee. They help me to put across the touchy issues to my members of staff. The support and response is great and from my personal experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nani services to you.

Caroline Mutoko, Media Personality

Certainly impressive and well executed. Before Nani, I used to take my laundry quite far. I got to know about Nani by mistake. After further inquiry, it was a no brainer – good customer service, same day pick-up, good pricing formula and most of all, my clothes are always super clean, smelling great and well taken care of. I always recommend them when I can due to consistency.

Alex Karumbo, Director & Creative Developer

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