Frequently Asked Questions

How does employee leasing / outsourcing work?

Employee leasing / outsourcing is a staffing mechanism that allows co-employment between Nani and the client. Once hired and placed, the staff is formally employed by Nani but works for the client based on agreed terms and conditions. Nani manages payroll, disputes, NSSF and NHIF payments, and other human resource issues while the client provides supervision on the ground.

Does Nani train domestic assistants?

Our 5-day basic orientation programme focuses on imparting ‘soft skills’ that are critical for improved service delivery by the domestic workers. The pre-placement orientation focuses on shaping work attitude, personal hygiene, cooking (basic Kenyan foods), first aid, child care, manners & etiquette, and use of varied household equipment.

How much does leasing domestic workers cost per month?

Staff salaries are negotiated by Nani and will be based on the category of staff needed, salary history, and experience. Nani will load a monthly management fee plus statutory deductions (current minimum leasing fee starts at Ksh16,500 per month).

Are Nani staff screened for reliability?

Yes. We deeply understand that home, office and personal security is a major concern for clients. Nani has an established, thorough process of screening candidates before engaging them as staff. Our staff are recruited through carefully chosen networks that provide personalised references. Additionally, we maintain detailed records of our staff and their next of kin.

What happens if staff don’t fit the client’s chemistry?

Nani provides a 1-month probation window for the client to test how the staff integrates into their working environment. Nani will replace staff if it’s clear it does not work out for the client. We replace upto 2 staff within a period of 3 months. After that the client will incur extra cost for any replacement .

Does Nani provide backup service when domestic assistants go on leave?

Yes, but this may involve an extra cost of Ksh.1000 per day on the client’s part. To avoid this surcharge, the best practice is to allow the staff to take leave when they are least needed. Leave is calculated on a prorata basis.

How many workers do I interview after paying the application fee?

Nani has already interviewed and shortlisted candidates before sending you a candidate to interview. You can interview a maximum of 2 workers. A new application fee is required to interview more.

Why does your laundry service cost this much?

Our costing is based on the wash load of 1- 7kg of dry clothes. If you cost laundry items per piece (which is what most laundries do), you will realize our pricing is lower than other laundry services’. Additionally, we wash your clothes separately from others so that your clothes aren’t mixed with someone else’s in the machine for hygiene purposes.

Which detergents do you use?

We use high quality commercial laundry detergents. The result of the wash is that the clothes are well cleaned.

Can I use my own detergents?

Yes, you could bring your own detergents but the pricing won’t change

How will I be sure that my clothes are not lost?

We have an efficient system of labelling your clothes to ensure that they do not mix with others’ in the store.

Do you pick up and deliver clothes?

Optional pick-up and delivery of your clothes as part of the process of cleaning your house is done at no extra cost. However, should you just need our laundry services alone, we charge a small fee for the pick-up and delivery of your clothes.

Do your machines remove permanent stains?

No, we can only guarantee to remove temporary stains.

How long do you deliver cleaned clothes?

We wash and return your clothes within 48hrs.

Which towns do you offer home cleaning services in?

Home cleaning is available in Nairobi County and its environs.

Do you provide cleaning materials?

Yes. We are also open to using your own materials, though the price won’t change.

How do I book your services?

Please book through the website here. We recommend that you book the service 48 hours prior for proper planning.

Can I get the same person to do the cleaning every time I book cleaning services?

Yes, although the cleaning is done by a team and not a single cleaner.

What is the cost of cleaning my house?

Cleaning one bedroom is Ksh1128 VAT inclusive (with any number of bathrooms). Any extra room incurs Ksh300.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Our cancellation policy for a confirmed booking is communicated in writing. Please view our cancellation policy here.

What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning service?

You can send your feedback here within two hours after the service. Cleaning will be repeated within 24hrs at no extra cost.

In  which towns do you offer office cleaning?

Part time office cleaning services are available within Nairobi and its environs. Contractual cleaning is available anywhere in the country on a contract basis. Office cleaning throughout the country is for cleaners who are working full time.

Do you provide cleaning material?

Depending on the agreement between Nani and the client, either can provide the cleaning materials.

What happens after I send an application?

Nani sends a quotation to prospective clients. Once an agreement is reached, we enter into a service contract to offer the cleaning service.

Is it possible to get the same staff to clean?

Yes, but it might not be guaranteed for part time cleaning. Nevertheless, on a contractual cleaning, specific staff is allocated each office

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We enter into a contract which has a termination clause.

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