Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Employee leasing and outsourcing is a staffing mechanism that allows co-employment between Nani EL and the client. Once hired and placed, staff is formally employed by Nani EL but working for the client on agreed terms and conditions. Nani EL manages payroll, handles disputes resolution, makes payments to NSSF, NHIF and manages other human resource functions. On their part, the client has full management responsibilities for the employee, including the ability to hire, compensate, discipline, promote and fire.

We normally provide a mandatory 5-days orientation programme focuses on impacting 'soft skills' that are critical for improved service delivery by the domestic workers. This pre-placement orientation focuses on shaping work attitudes, personal hygiene, cooking (for basic Kenyan foods), first aid, child care, manners/etiquette and the use of a variety of commonly used household equipment.

Nani EL negotiates staff salaries and will base the salary on a categorised system. This categorisation is built on staff salary history and experience. Even then, all salaries must meet the minimum wage criteria as stipulated by the Kenyan Labour law. Nani EL will load a monthly management fee plus statutory deductions (currently minimum leasing fee starts at Kes 15,000 per month).

Yes. Given our levels of service and experience, we have a deep understanding that a home or office staff must safeguard client personal security. Nani EL has a proven thorough process of screening all candidates before engaging them as staff. Most of our staffs are recruited through carefully chosen networks that provide personalised references. As such, we maintain detailed records for all our staff; including the work history, behavior and character over time. We also keep records of staff's close next of kin for reference purposes.

Nani EL provides a one (1) month probation window for the client to test out how the staff 'gels' into their working environment. Nani EL will replace staff if there is clear evidence of lack of chemistry with the client. Our experience has shown that this has been less of challenge.

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