Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Nani Employee Leasing Company (Nani EL) is a professional employer organization focusing on placing a wide range of both professional and non-professional workers in all sectors of the economy. Nani manages and hires a wide range of staffing skills including domestic workers (cooks, nannies, gardeners) teachers, waiters, drivers, administration assistants, accountants, factory cleaners. This includes but not limited to domestic workers (cooks, nannies, gardeners) teachers, waiters, drivers, administration assistants, accountants, factory cleaners.As an employee leasing Company we mange outsourced the payroll and other human resources administration tasks. Nani EL and the client share a co-employment relationship with the employee. Since its inception, the Company has helped cooperates to balance attaining targets by availing lower costs on required labor. We currently manage over 300 staff. Building on our demonstrated experience over years, we have wide networks of unemployed people, making our staff sourcing rapid and efficient.

What We Do

As a professional employer organization, Nani EL recruits, places and manages staff. We also provide a service where existing staff of a client can be loaded over to Nani EL for payroll and human resource management. Nani EL sources and ‘grows’ a positive work ethic that embodies the needs our clients. Our Company does this through targeted recruitments that sieve for good staff; those that have a positive attitude and are ready to grow. We also invest heavily on staff pre-placement orientations to ensure that these positive work ethics are sustained. At the same time, Nani EL provides support services to our clients to bring them to the full understanding of the staff worldviews and capacities of staff. From our experience, we have learn that this process is critical in ensuring good employer-employee relations, especially for lower level staff. As part of this process, we assist our clients to develop clear job description and provide support supervision including conflict resolution.

How We Work

Nani Employee Leasing uses a staffing mechanism that allows co-employment between Nani EL and the client. Once hired and placed, staff is formally employed by Nani EL but working for the client on agreed terms and conditions. Through a contract agreement, our clients pay the full amounts to Nani EL and then the Company pays the staff through their bank accounts. Nani EL provides full payroll management and all other human resources functions including maintaining employee records.

Nani Employee Leasing company limited

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